Silverpoint Drawings
Silverpoint (also called Metalpoint) is a traditional medium that was widely used before the renaissance, up until the late medieval period. Many renaissance artists also preferred to practice their drawing techniques with silverpoint. Silverpoint can be done with silver, gold, copper, brass or other metals, and it is nearly indelible. It creates a very soft look that is very unique to the medium, and requires a special ground in order to achieve the desired look.
"Head of a Young Woman"
16 x 20 inch silverpoint portrait of a young woman on wood panel with traditional silverpoint ground
Horse in Silverpoint
11 x 14 inch metalpoint drawing of a horse in silver on wood panel primed with traditional silverpoint ground
White Rose in metalpoint
8 x 10 inch metalpoint drawing of a white rose in silver and copper on wood panel primed with traditional silverpoint ground