Artist's Statement:

    "I strive to create images that inspire others, and am driven by a passion to convey a thought, feeling or emotion through my art. I have always been amazed by artworks that appear to be lifelike in their level of detail an realism, and hope to create images that inspire others. Although I mainly focus on realism and photorealism, I also enjoy abstract and surreal compositions that provoke an understanding or an expression of life in some way. My hope is to share the feeling of amazement and awe with the artwork that I create."

About the Artist:

    David N. Pope is a self taught artist, who has always had a passion for art. He is interested in artworks with amazing detail and a realistic quality that is challenging to reproduce, as well as surreal and abstract subjects. Mainly choosing to pursue realism and photorealism in order to recreate lifelike portraits and expressions of life that instill inspiration and a sense of amazement.

    Much of the interest in art began with pencil drawings and sketches. Being inspired by photorealistic drawings, he began to get into art by drawing and attempting to recreate images in grayscale in order to better understand how to use light and shadow to create realistic images with depth.​  Then adding silverpoint and metalpoint as a discipline for the purposes of understanding how to use tonal values, layering techniques, and improving the drawing abilities. The goal being to apply the understanding to traditional painting techniques (underpaintings in grayscale and layers of glazing) in order to produce a more photorealistic appearance to the image.

    Although previously working mostly with graphite pencil and silverpoint, he also pursues working in and becoming more proficient with other media. Oil painting, pastel, and mixed medium in order to develop a better understanding of color and blending, as well as mixing colors​, in order to create paintings and full color compositions with the same lifelike characteristics. 

     By spending thousands of hours over the course of his lifetime, he has worked to develop skills using art software programs in order to learn how to do digital artworks for graphic design and illustration purposes. In addition to the artworks on this website, there are other works within the portfolio. Along with the pieces shown in the galleries, he has also done many portraits and artworks for individuals, as well as several illustrations.  Signed and numbered prints and originals of many of the artworks displayed are available for purchase.

    If you would like more information about any of the artwork or the artist, please contact the following email address. Thank you for visiting the website, and please come back for future updates and new additions to the gallery:
Art by D N Pope